Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i will be back

here in my best friend's renegade loft in harlem, i rediscover who i am, who i have been, and with great hope, who i will be.  funny how the deep lines of friendship ore get mined when we're together, precious things i forgot re-ignite passion for treasures i lost track of.  he renews my fervor for digging.  reminds me there are things we buried, things hidden just for this day to come back for.  and in the process, discover new wells of inspiration, new laughter mines, refreshing ourselves with each other.   gee whiz, why didn't i come sooner?!
yes, i know there were other plots to be tended, other lessons to be learned, other friends to combine with, but this one's my favorite!  i'm so happy being an adult doesn't mean i don't need a best friend anymore.  kids have best friends because they're awesome, and that doesn't necessarily change with age.  
i feel completed on the east coast.  ready to leave and fly west, where my home awaits.  i watched a western the other night and the scenery really got to me.  i love the way the light hits the weathered wood and sand.  i could smell the desert subtly beckoning, luring me back.  though i head to the jungle, the beach, and the ocean, i will be back, american west, of that you can be sure.

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Shannon said...

You painted American West so lovely, with so few words and captured my experience. Driving home over the cascades, the mountains open like curtains and suddenly, I am home. It is as if a weight lifts when you return to the landscape you love. I turned to George and said, "I am so glad this is where we live." Hoping I see you soon, C-monkey is growing up quickly! Safe travel until then.