Sunday, September 7, 2008

wrapping up

my friends are the cutest. something about sailing away forever makes them love me more. maybe this is why i leave so much. since i announced my plan to leave denver in less than 2 weeks, i've heard from friends almost daily, many of which i haven't seen in years. i'll be going to santa fe, that little city i love, first to see the dear friends i made during massage school, and then heading toward chicago to see my college friends. i miss them so much! tonight the two gemini twins i got into all sorts of trouble with left me a voicemail which made me laugh out loud on the street while i was wrapping up my tattered belongings and lashing them to my scooter.
my friend bruce, the 8-track guy, gave me the most awesome portable 8-track player i've ever seen today. it looks like swiss cheese. he didn't want me to be in my winter home without a way to listen to my collection. i was showing it off today at work, just beaming and dancing around, but no one really cared. i don't think most people see the coolness of 8-tracks.
freyja had a relapse of urinary troubles, and i took her to the vet today. seems she's got two stones in her ureter that are causing infection and pain. i got her tested to the tune of 440 dollars and i await the results to see what i'm supposed to do. i'm uncertain what the right path will be, as i cannot afford an expensive surgery. i'm scared. whatever happens, she's coming with me, and i'll do what is in my power to make her comfortable. i wonder if my lifestyle is too stressful for her?
in one week, i'll be done with my job. i got my life insurance check which allowed me to pay off all my credit cards and have a few thousand dollars in savings. i've arrived at the first goal of freedomvan! this plan actually worked. i'm amazed.


I'm Chris Harne said...

This is starting to get very exciting.

Chris From Earth said...

congratulations of paying off all your debt, that's quite an accomplishment. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in santa fe and chicago

Sub Girl said...

Of Course it worked! You wanted it bad enough! I'm proud of you.

Make sure you read my latest blog: The Unexpected. All the way to the bottom.

Love you!

Shann said...

Poor fre-bay, Cleo is on anti-bods too for mild UTinfection which I caught early. Dosed her with herbs over weekend in hopes of avoiding Emergency vet bills, not that the regular vet didnt charge a butt-load on monday, but it helped I think. doc said that beautiful Rubenesque cats such as Cleo benefit from a weekly wiping to discourage infection from traveling from dirty vulva upward (she is also sporting a "brazillan" which may become a permanant southern-cali look). Take heart, Fre has been living this life-style a long time the imbalance probably isnt stress, it may simply be her beautiful figure! I know she'll rebound.

Apparently, Vets are some of the highest paid professionals around. (we were charged 30 dollars for ours to look into a microscope for 5 seconds, thats like, 1200 dollars and hour!) I learned this week that they have to score better on tests and hold higher grades than Med-students inorder to go to school, so if you get sick, see a vet. What a racket!

Nancy Savino said...
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