Wednesday, September 3, 2008

two weeks notice

i get nervous about quitting jobs, i don't know why. perhaps it's a carryover from my work ethic, and saying "i'm quitting" doesn't fit in my mind. but, on occasion, it must be done, and i did it today. mister bossy pants was real nice about it and started drinking shortly after i told him. it turned out to be a fun night filled with bottles of wine, jokes, stories, and the beginning of the good bye process. i will miss this place, i have had fun here, and there are things i love that i'm leaving behind. i've been sort of melancholy today thinking of the paths i'm eliminating, and it's good to recognize their merit. soon enough i'll be excited about my winter plan...soon enough i will reveal it in all it's glory.

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Shann said...

So, When you do reveal your winter plan in all it's glory, will you text an address so that I can mail you a picture of my little monster to be? Due on friday 12th, as is our brand new kitchen floor and the countertops. Yes, it looks like the remodel may precede the baby...maybe. my guess is that the arrival will be the 15th as that is the full moon, what do you think?