Thursday, September 18, 2008

and so i travel on

i awoke from a bittersweet dream to a man knocking on the door, then entering with a bag in his hand.  he saw me and said hello, not really surprised.  he belongs here i thought.  tess woke up and took his gifts of burrito and coffee, bid him good morning, and he left.  
it's time to go, i slept too late, the light is bright and clear.  i pull on last night's clothes, brush my teeth while she does the dishes and adopt the coffee as my travel mate.  leaving my friends, the people who know and still love me, today i venture out into the southwest, through NM and TX as far as i can get.


Jack said...

good luck on the next step of the journey.


Chris From Earth said...

Driving through the southwest is quite the experience especially at night. Sounds like a blast, hope you have a great time.