Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my younger days revisit

when things are fascinating, i'm really living. when days go stale, i'd rather be on my way. i've experienced a regression to my younger days when all i wanted was to socialize, to drink, to put on makeup and do my hair. this is frustrating to me because i'm not really like that anymore, but i can't quit acting that way! my friends are older now (like me) and don't go out on week nights. i guess everyone forgot how to party.
if anyone reading this is in the mood to get nuts, you should come over.


Jack said...

I totally would come over, but only if there is enough beer left in PA by the time I get there.

Take care,



I'm Chris Harne said...

Can you hold the invitation for a couple weeks, or are you outta there sooner?

stranger in a strange van said...

plenty of beer left gentlemen. and i will be here until about the 25th of october. come on over to the pennsylvania wilds!