Thursday, October 23, 2008

another day another dog rescue

i went on another dog rescue mission, this time less dramatic but just as sad. a neighbor out by our camp has a puppy tied up by his house with no food or water and very little shelter. in the three days i was up there, no one (that i saw) checked on the dog and i began to worry. i took him some food and water and a blankey to sleep on in his dismal little doghouse. he's just a pup, no more than 8 months old, and friendly as can be. i wish i had a big farm and could just take him into the fold. lacking that ability, i called the spca and they are going to go check on him and take him in if need be.
i wonder why i keep being presented with lovely animals in need of proper care? is it time to settle my ass down and take in some orphans? maybe that is my biological clock ticking. i do have a strange urge to grow herbs, bake pies and make a recipie file. hmm. i'm gonna shove that category of urges back for a while because i've got some other things to do, but i think it won't be ignored too much longer.
i'm trying to get out of here soon, but things are holding me back. things like the laziness that won't let me get my van cleared out and ready for storage, and dental work that keeps failing so i have to go back, and the red tape involved with getting on the "list" to visit my friend in prison, and gathering supplies needed to travel on planes with freyja, . all things that must be done, but will they be accomplished by early next week? it's getting cold here, i'm wearing 4 layers, that sucks.
good news--i made a kick ass halloween costume for a party i'm attending saturday. boots with the fur, tail, horn, and a dash of spray glitter just so when you brush up against me you know you've been touched by a unicorn.


Fever Kate said...

Go dog hero go!
And its not too late to change your mind and settle down on Unicorn Mountain, where hand-picked herbs and home-baked pies are consumed daily and orphans and puppies needing love abound.

Anonymous said...

I'm def gonna move to Unicorn Mountain.

Shannon said...

Aunt Lydia's Animal Rescue Ranch and Recipe library; that has a nice ring... Charlotte and I just returned from her grandad's new farm. (he will be moving in w/in the month we hope) Grandad said, "this will be where you take your first pony ride, charlotte." maybe aunt lydia needs to help make that a reality? Picturing a cozy yurt on 11 acres two minutes from downtown-smalltown. (we can glue a horn to the pony's head, and call it unicorn mole-hill if need be!) Can you post photos on your blog? love to see your costume. C-baby will be a home-knit ear of corn!