Saturday, December 21, 2013

a whole new life is happening

hi guys!
it's been soooooooo long.  my blogger self has been hibernating, but now on the darkest day of the year, i stir. maybe it's cabin fever setting in!  blanketed in snow, the world is very sluggish, but my inner troublemaker is hotter than a pepper sprout.
i wanted to let you know what has happened to me.  my household has grown to a total of five (!!) beings--myself, my love S, Freyja (she's still kickin), the little boy (a fuzzy black kitty), and Trip (a freaking pomeranian!) i'm living in a stick house (rental) but don't think i'm not on craigslist every day looking for a cheap travel trailer to move into--this place is so expensive and once you've tasted the free life, well....its hard to go back.  also, my brain is just in overdrive due to the extreme activity it's been involved in for the past few months.  i'm a week into my first winter break of VET SCHOOL!!  Yeah baby!  they're going to let this crazy homeless lady be a doctor in a few years :)  provided I don't screw it up.
when we left off i was settling into my life in hawaii, living with my true love in a sweet house on stilts by the beach.  that was an amazing 3 years and it changed the course of my life dramatically.  basically, i got bored just living in paradise without much work and i decided to go back to school.  lots of long stories later, i applied to vet school and they let me in.  which meant i had to move back to the mainland, which brings me to today, the darkest day, full of snow. winter. ugh.... this is why i got the freedomvan in the first place!  well, circle back around and here you are but different this time.  life's weird.
 i miss my freedom and i'm plotting ways to get it back.  like a yo-yo dieter, i've gotten out of debt and then gotten back in deeper than before and i'm just sick of it. come along and help me envision the next version of freedomvan--maybe freedom trailer?  freedom earthship?  freedom studio apartment, hehe?  they don't have the same ring.  it's s different ballgame though, i've got all these RESPONSIBILITIES now.
i want to catch up with you all and start figuring it out.
*hugs n stuff *


John said...

Right on, we're still here.

Do you think a job as a vet would tie you down more than an apartment would?

stranger in a strange van said...

Hey John,
i guess it might, but there are ways it will make me more free too. at this point, i'm pretty tied down with loans and critters and i'm ok with that. someday i'll have a job that pays me well enough to get out of the debt.
thanks for reading :)

Bon vivant said...

Amazing! You were the first fulltimer blogger I read. Welcome back! I've heard folks get bored in HI after awhile. I live in a Sprinter custom conversion and I'd recommend that since I did it while not working 3 years and am on my 2nd year working whilst living in it. They're superior in room, maneuverability, dependability, technology and work great for stealth living. Your experiences in CO convinced me to use stealth and I'm on my way to being debt free and I feel the same as you in that I don't ever want to live on land again, unless it just suits my situation better. Check out Sprinter Forum for listings and learnings. Another option for you may be a '91 Westfalia. For that check out for the best culture/community in the VW sphere. Amicalment!