Friday, June 4, 2010


the van has been sold! to a very cool chick from chicago who plans to live in it and will undoubtedly take it on many more adventures.
her blog will chronicle the milestones, i'm sure. i wish her all the luck, joy, independence and satisfaction in the world.
what a long strange trip it's been.
thanks for tuning in, wrapping up, and moving onward!


pdurant said...

I have to say I felt like part of something very important was leaving when I watched the faded rainbow chateau drive away. I don't know if it was because freedomvan was such a part of your life or that it was the part of your life that I could share in most intimately by reading your blog....or what. But I was melancholy all weekend.

I enjoyed meeting the "cool chick from Chicago" and spending a few days getting to know her. I look forward to following her adventures with "freedomvan" - and am hoping she decides to continue and share the saga.

stranger in a strange van said...

aww...momma. well, i was sad as well. but everything has it's time i suppose. bon voyage freedomvan, you took a piece of my heart! i might be starting a new blog soon, mom. a new adventure is brewing..

Anonymous said...

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