Thursday, April 9, 2009

rainbow flops and freyja mug

those that know me well know this--i love my freyja mug, a hand thrown mug that was hand painted with a picture of my cat holding a red ribbon in her mouth like she does. two dear friends had it made for me and it's traveled with me for about 5 years. i am a fan of hot beverages, and it was my favorite vessel. why am i talking about it in the past tense? because i believe it's been lost, stolen by some trickster force from the mansion. i've been told that if the island takes something valuable from you, it's good luck. i don't understand why, but i hope something good can come from the loss of something dear.

my rainbow flops are also gone. well, not gone, but destroyed, i blew 'em out on the lava. their loss is somehow more appropriate, as if they came home to die.

i wonder if that's it? will i lose any more of my favorite things?


Shanner said...

Ohhh, so sad. I was just thinking of the Freyja mug two days ago becasue C-creature was playing with a panda mug. I was reminded that Andy's mug was broken by a house guest last summer. He was sad too. Sometimes losing a favorite something makes room for the unexpected. But I am touched and pleased that the mug was beloved and traveled with you so long. Happy Easter, egg hunts on the island?

Anonymous said...

Simon threw the stupid cat mug off a cliff. he was sick and tired of having to listen to you drone on and on about Freyja, the stupid. Simon hates cats but wont admit it. hey Febe, sing smelly cat smelly cat for us.