Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hilo crazy

there's alot of crazy people that live here and shop at abundant life natural foods. i don't mean like people who wear crazy clothes, or act like jesters, though there's plenty of those too, i mean the kind of nuts that i cannot understand. people whos reality is so far removed from mine that i label them crazy. take this guy, greg nottingham, for instance. he lives in a hotel by the bay, comes into the store, runs a business (sort of), and goes about his day accepted as one of the hilo residents who is just 'off'. then there's the woman who's been stalking my boyfriend for 3 years. yep, she goes through his trash, brings him poems and pictures, and visits him almost every time he works and talks to him like they're best friends. he should be scared, but after this long, she's probably not going to do anything violent, so we just laugh about it. there's the jehovah's witness we call 'shorts' because he wears drawstring shorts that are a little too short, athletic shoes from the 80's, and is constantly singing christian children's songs like 'kumbyah' and 'jesus loves the little children' while he's shopping, as if the songs keep bad thoughts out of his mind. creep. and don't forget the lady that thinks hawaii's governer is a sex addict who hosts swinger parties in public halls, and so are my bosses, and the girl who manages the chill/frozen department is a prostitute, and so on. it's pretty hilarious, and i have to wonder, are they everywhere on this island? or is it just the cross section of people that shop at the store?

i put in my request to go to part time there and that feels soooooo good. it looks like the restaurant job is going to be good money, at least 3 shifts a week, so it was time to cut down at abundo. working this much is insane, i feel mentally dull and spiritually depleted. my creative juices have been dormant and fermenting. i need some space to regroup.


Anonymous said...

People with mental health issues tend to congregate in cities. But I think Hilo is is disproportionately effected because it is cheaper to live there and the drug culture seems stronger there as well. Drugs can both cause mental health problems and are self medicating as well.

The whole island is not like Hilo. I am going to be living in Kapa'au, near Hawi. It is nothing like Hilo or Pahoa. Much calmer energy. And Kona has has the mental illness called "capitalism".

Good to see you posting again! Great characterizations. I am coming back Sunday so maybe I will see you in AL in April.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when are you having one of those installed on your toilet?

-Your loving sister-in-law

Greencaller said...

Yeup. If there's a J. Witness runnin' around dressed like that and singin' "Kumbayah," there is DEFINITELY something wrong with his head, lol.


Gotta love the weirdos, tho... without them life would be as bland as milk and toast. :)

I think this is my first post, too, so I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog for over a year now and I adore it. Your journey speaks to my soul in all its joys and woes and keeps me focused on my own goals of paying my debts and hitting the road for good. ^.^

Peace, friend! (And to your kitty!) ;)

Anonymous said...

the toilet paper/tour guide guy is fuckin scary! I squrted hot water up my ass out of fear he would know I though he was insane.
Be careful out there or come up with your own crazy identity to blend in.